Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group – starting 28th May 2024

We are currently recruiting for our next Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Group, which we will be running from 28th May at 5.30pm-7.30pm for 8 consecutive weeks. This course will be delivered online via MS Teams by two of our service Mindfulness Teachers.

MBCT is a structured group intervention that can be particularly helpful in managing recurrent or chronic symptoms of depression and help prevent relapse from those who have recovered from depression.

Many people find that worrying about the future or ruminating over past events can leave them feeling more anxious, stressed or low. Often this worry and rumination can feel very difficult to control, and may continue despite our best intentions to try to stop it.

MBCT can help us learn ways to reduce the impact of worry and rumination, which can increase our mental wellbeing. MBCT can help by strengthening our ability:

  1. to notice when we are caught up in unhelpful thoughts;
  2. to let these thoughts go and bring our attention back to the present moment; and
  3. to relate to ourselves and our experience with greater gentleness and kindness.

If we can learn ways to be kinder to ourselves, it’s likely that we’ll criticize ourselves less and will feel happier as a result.

In terms of the research, there is evidence that MBCT, and related mindfulness-based interventions, can help people with depression, some kinds of anxiety, physical pain and some other conditions.

Testimonials from recent group participants:

“I would definitely recommend MBCT as an option that everyone should at least try. I have come away genuinely believing that I will be able to tackle my depression differently, and more effectively. It’s important to understand different ways you can interact with your depression – so that you can deploy these at the right time.”

“I’m more kind and accepting of myself – enjoying more of where I am rather than feeling bad about where I’m not. A set of tools that I feel I can take with me and use throughout my life. Courage to turn towards my emotions rather than avoiding them and also approaching them with curiosity. More comfortable with sharing my experience with others, having practiced it in the group. A noticeable impact on my day to day, these have been filled more laughter and happier moments. Learning to slow down.”

If you would like to find out more about whether this course is right for you, please contact our service on huh-tr.talkingtherapy@nhs.net or speak to your GP.

Need Urgent Help?

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