Positive feedback from service users – March and April 2024

Every month we get a lot of positive feedback from users of our services.  In blog posts like this one we are happy to share some of the comments we recieve.


Overall satisfaction rate: 100%

Best performing areas:

  • Confidence and trust in the staff treating and caring for me
  • I felt involved in my Care and Treatment
  • Treated with respect
  • Feeling listened to
  • The service helped me to deal with my health or condition better

Positive comments:

  • I can express and state my feelings to my councillor without feeling guilty or clumsy about it…
  • I have learned how to be more assertive and ask for help. I am calmer and I can manage my anxiety much better now, by rational thinking, also other coping mechanisms which therapy has helped me with. I am also reading again, which I stopped doing 20 years ago. I have also learned that I can enjoy doing something that I am interested in, even if I do it a little at a time. Most of of all, I am learning to be more kinder to myself.
  • Extremely friendly staff who clearly care about the service they provide.
  • My care was amazing so for myself there isn’t anything that needs improving.

Positive Shoutouts:

  • Amazing expertise and knowledge. Dilan was very easy to talk to, and I instantly felt very comfortable with her. I found her approach of working extremely useful. I am extremely grateful for her help and guidance, which led to some really positive and far-reaching changes in my personal and working life.
  • Ishraga Lloyd helped me a lot during this process. I can’t find words to express my appreciation.
  • Nancy was always kind, softly spoken and calming whilst also affirming any concern whilst challenging disordered thinking. I feel as though I have benefitted from the 12 weeks to the highest standard due to her passion and desire to seek improvement whilst also feeling confident to do my own self work based on her recommendations and tasks put forward during the weeks between appointments.
  • Very good Victoria green teach me how to come over with my stress and worrying about my work She Gave me very good tool which I can use in the future to reduce my stress. She’s fantastic, amazing


Overall satisfaction rate: 100%

Best performing areas:

  • Felt listened to
  • Confidence and trust in the staff treating and caring for me
  • I felt involved in my Care and Treatment
  • Treated with respect and dignity
  • My views and worries were taken seriously

Publishable positive comments:

  • The therapist was very friendly and I felt well listened to. In the six appointments we had, we covered a lot of ground and I feel able to make some important changes to move forward mentally
  • My therapist was knowledgeable, personable, compassionate, clear, and patient. I benefitted enormously from his sessions and managed to cope with my depression.
  • Therapists were friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease to talk to.
  • The help and support in looking for job. And the options I was given in finding work.

Publishable Shoutouts:

  • Victoria Green gave me the tools to reduce my anxiety significantly in a short period of time. She was kind and listened to me without judgement. I felt valued by her.
  • It was really very beneficial to work with Victoria Green over the last few weeks, she helped me immensely and guided me through a lot of rough patches with empathy, understanding, and confidence; which helped me feel a lot more at ease and comfortable to open up.
  • Nicole was very professional and i felt comfortable talking with her. There was a great balance between friendliness and professionalism
  • I felt safe engaging with Nicole Porter and confident in her ability to support me. She was very professional, and struck the right balance between listening and offering advice/feedback. I felt listened to and like she cared.
  • Over the sessions there were a few topics that we could cover, but Charlotte made sure to do her best with finding me resource that could help me on eve the sessions were over.
  • Dilan was very understanding and non-judgemental, was understanding with regards to booking appointments after 16:30 due to work commitments more appointments like this needs to be implemented.
  • So happy I met Judith and had CBT. It’s changed my life and feel very grateful. I enjoyed being able to meet face to face.
  • I was comfortable enough to talk easily with Ana De Genova.I found expressing how I was feeling and my anxieties easy to talk about.
  • Shauna was able to help me find many ways to constructively go about working through my mental health effectively in ways that I can use my day-to-day life. through these sessions she was able to understand exactly what my problem that could be covered during the sessions and help find wag that would be easy for me to apply once the sessions were over. These include weekly timetabling, mindfulness walks, selfcare night routines, hobbies and night breathing exercises to help with anxiety.
  • I was pleased to be matched with such an excellent therapist – Louis Minter and to have a positive experience of therapy that has left me in a better place. It was amazing to have several months of free therapy, I feel very fortunate. Louis was able to be flexible given my change of circumstances during the sessions – so some of the sessions were online. Louis also referred me onto other services within the Hackney Women’s Service – these were very beneficial.



Overall, how was your experience of the Stress Less group? 3 x Very good, 1 x Good
I have been treated with respect and dignity – 4 x Strongly Agree
I have confidence and trust in the staff treating and caring for me  – 4 x Strongly Agree
I feel that the group facilitators listened to me  – 4 x Strongly Agree
My views and worries were taken seriously  – 4 x Strongly Agree
The service helped me to deal with my mental health or current situation better  – 4 x Strongly Agree

What did you find most helpful about the Stress Less Group?

  • Focusing on challenging unhelpful thoughts by looking at the for and against.
  • There were lots of helpful techniques introduced throughout the course. Some were new (thought challenging, assertion) but also some were old. The course have reinforced or reminded of it – self-care, relaxation).
  • Listening to how people used the tools to overcome adversaries.
  • The thought diary and problem solving techniques. I enjoyed being a part of the group, being able to hear other people's experiences and learn from different points of view. I enjoyed the homework tasks to be able to put into practice my learnings and being able to talk openly about my issues with the  group.

Need Urgent Help?

If you need urgent help and are worried that you can’t keep yourself safe, City and Hackney has a 24-hour Crisis helpline on 0800 073 0006 or you can get help at your local Accident and Emergency department.