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If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, feeling down, or struggling to cope – we’re here for you.

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“I feel low” 

“I feel anxious”

“I have distressing memories”

“I have a physical health condition”

“I feel nervous in social situations”

“I feel worried”

It is normal to feel low, sad or down sometimes but if this goes on for too long then talking therapies have been proven to help people make positive changes so that they feel better and stay better.

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We help over 10,000 people with common mental health problems every year

97% of our service users rated the service as ‘very good’ or ‘good’

88% of our service users said that the service helped them to deal with their health or condition better

99% of our service users said that treatment options were clearly explained at assessment

98% of our service users receive an assessment within 6 weeks

60% of people we help make a full recovery and many more make lasting positive changes

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Michael‘I didn’t feel optimistic about anything’

Read Real Stories about how Talk Therapies has helped residents of City & Hackney.

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If you need urgent help and are worried that you can’t keep yourself safe, City and Hackney has a 24-hour Crisis helpline on 0800 073 0006 or you can get help at your local Accident and Emergency department.